Monday, August 19, 2013

The Plan

This blog is a journal of my 30-day attempt at kick-starting good health, which is my 50th birthday gift to myself.

I figure I can do most anything for 30 days...right?....Right?????

The three in the title Three In 30 are my 3 basic goals. Daily I will attempt to eat as healthy as possible, move my body in some beneficial way and (last but not at all least) draw closer to God.

The eating part...

I have researched and decided that I will follow a mostly plant-based diet with at least 50% raw. Basically, I will eliminate everything processed and butchered. There are a couple of exceptions...

1. MY COFFEE!!!!!! Good heavens I'm desperate but I'm not crazy!!! I can't do everything at once, so I can have coffee in the AM (1 cup)
2. I am allowing myself to use organic all natural salad dressings and soy "butter" sparingly, for now....because well...I'm a wimp and couldn't actually just eliminate ALL processed foods yet (that's really HARD!!).
3. I am allowing myself to eat whole, relatively unprocessed, grains... Oats and brown rice (is that actually a grain?) But again, sparingly.
4. I am continuing to eat eggs.

At some point in the next 30 days my hubby Tim and I will partake in a juice fast together and begin the juicing journey.

The moving part...

I fail at exercising. I do not go to the gym...ever. I am a colossal loser with a workout plan. All I am aiming to do is move...somehow...someway...if it is accidentally aerobic GREAT! If it succeeds at being cardio WONDERFUL....if I am grocery shopping at Walmart and I walk across the store 3 times....its GOOD! I WIN.... I just have to move!!!! I can do this.

The God part...

I just want to focus on Him with deliberate purpose, daily, because somehow, even though I am a believer, follower, child of God...I can manage to go days at a time and not even acknowledge that it is HE who gives me breath. Shocking I know...I am certainly the only Christian who is so distracted by themselves as to forget the very source of their being so please indulge me in this child-like attempt to refocus. Really almost anything goes...I can read the Bible, pray, sing, worship... The goal is just to stop and remember that HE IS God...I am not. That is all.

The reason for this experiment in fanatical food deprecation? I have high blood pressure. I am borderline diabetic. In my family there is cancer, heart disease and diabetes. I feel like I am playing Russian roulette with my heath year after year. I MUST do something....NOW!!!!

So join me if you will. Come along on this journey with me... let's see how I do (I don't recommend placing bets ;) ).

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