Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day 5

This morning I had lost one more pound. Total of 12!!! That's a motivating start but it looks like it is going to slow down now.

For Day 5 I got on the elliptical twice. I was actually sore.

I again had a fairly easy day. No cravings and not a lot of hunger... I'm sure it's coming though. I am missing soft drinks (soda and lemonade) and tea, but am making it without them.

What I ate...


Boiled eggs and avocado... I have been wanting to try a baked egg in an avocado but every morning it just sounded wrong, so I ate boiled eggs with a cold raw avocado...that was GOOD!!!


Almonds and an apple...should have had a salad but I was studying and never got around to making one.


Raw veggies from the fridge.


Made the boys pasta & Marinara sauce with salad so for Tim and myself I sauteed some onions and peppers, added garlic, basil and Italian seasoning and a couple of scoops of the boys' sauce. We ate it over Spaghetti squash with salads. VERY GOOD!!!

I did have to use more processed products than I would like to. I used some tomato sauce and a little jarred marinara. Neither had more than just the necessary natural and whole foods so I felt ok with it. Avoiding processed foods is just difficult! Much more difficult than it should be.



Getting close to ending this first week

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