Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 30!!!!!!

Today is day 30.

Concerning the dietary challenge I succeeded. The other two parts, not so much

Why did I do this?...

I was tired of feeling SICK...and FAT...and like I was killing myself slowly (or not so slowly) I had been to the Dr a couple of times for chest pains. I was taking ibuprofen on a daily basis for body pain. I had been told I was borderline diabetic and had been taking blood pressure meds for a few years. I was swollen and slow and couldn't do anything.

What did I do?...

I challenged myself to 30 days of a mostly plant-based diet.

I eliminated; dairy, white foods, processed foods and animal flesh foods ;)

That left veggies, fruits, nuts, legumes and eggs.
We began juicing during the challenge too.

For 30 days that is what I have eaten. It was insanely hard at time, once I even had to go to the Dr because I totally lost my appetite and no longer wanted to eat. But I got through it.

So... Today is day 30.

Was it worth it?...

My blood pressure is completely normal.
The swelling and water retention I was experiencing is gone.
Aches and pains gone.
IBS gone!!!
My weight is 25 (Yes twenty-five!!!!) pounds less.
My diabetic #s look normal (have to still have a full workup)
DH joined me after the first week and BOTH of us saw an increase in libido ...sweet ;)

I am totally sold on a plant-based diet way of life. I miss some foods, but think it might be a special kind of stupid to choose to go back and sell my health for a snack.

Now what?....

Another 30 day challenge!...stay tuned ;)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 20

Almost three weeks in now. School is CRAZY so I can't post daily, but I'm still in. Still eating right, still trying to move my body, still pursuing a closer walk with my God.

Overall I'm doing it. It's not perfect. It's been hard. I have failed. Mostly with the pursuing a closer relationship with the Lord. Second has been the exercise. But the food I have stuck with.

I have had cravings. Some days when the only thing that would satisfy would be pizza or enchiladas, but I have eaten the veggies and drank the juice.

With one week to go I am very actively trying to decide what I will continue doing and what I will change. Right now I believe I will continue on the vegan and juicing path. Too many radical health benefits to ignore. I do feel like I want to limit processed foods and possibly find some vegan cheese product, but I need to research soy. No mater what i decide I know now that I need to be cognizant of every mouthful of food and not eat casually any more.

I have missed a few days and will try to recall the meals and come back in and fill that in. I don't think there have been too many new things.

The Dr's office did call with my lab results. Everything was good except my ALT reading which they said was slightly elevated at 42. They want to check it again in a few months. Hopefully all will be good at that time.

I also have to get an insurance physical and at 50 y/o we know what that means.

So tomorrow begins week LAST. I can have a cheeseburger when this is over but I don't think I want one anymore ;)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 15

Drum-roll please..... HALFWAY THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 lbs gone! High blood pressure gone! Headaches, gone! Night sweats, gone! Fatigue, gone! Low libido, Way gone!!! 

Ok, let's calm down.

Today I worked out on the elliptical. I felt good and energetic.

I ate....


Boiled egg




We tried to make lettuce wraps... we need some serious help in that area. Is there a Lettuce Wraps For Dummies book out yet???  LOL


Brown rice with stir-fried veggies w/ lemon and cilantro! YUM!


Green juice (cabbage/pears/lemon/ginger)
Orange juice (carrots/oranges/apples)

Looks pretty healthy doesn't it?

I wanted pizza (just cheese pizza though, no meat) ALL DAY!

Ok, 15 days to at a time. See ya tomorrow

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 11-14

2 Weeks today!!!!!! is kicking my butt!!!!!!

I don't have time to breath, forget posting to my blog! I'm sorry to all the 2 or 3 of you who actually read it lol. I have kept up with the food challenge but have not done well with the others. MUST IMPROVE!!!

I'm going to post for the days I have missed and I will come back and add in things forgotten...

Overall... I am feeling better. Tim and have both realized some changes... no more headaches. No more IBS pain or bloating, we're sleeping better and...a surprise increased libido ;) Not bad for an unexpected plus!

Tim is doing the juice prep and I am doing meals. It all takes a lot of time and then we have school work and our kids seem to expect our attention too... not much time left.



Sweet potato oven fries
Cucumber/tomato salad

None really…
Mean Green


2 boiled eggs


Veggie chili & brown rice


Boiled egg

Veggie chili & Brown rice

Green mean juice



1/2 cuppa coffee
1 boiled egg



Dinner (I don't even remember LOL)

Tomorrow is my halfway point...all downhill from there...right???