Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 20

Almost three weeks in now. School is CRAZY so I can't post daily, but I'm still in. Still eating right, still trying to move my body, still pursuing a closer walk with my God.

Overall I'm doing it. It's not perfect. It's been hard. I have failed. Mostly with the pursuing a closer relationship with the Lord. Second has been the exercise. But the food I have stuck with.

I have had cravings. Some days when the only thing that would satisfy would be pizza or enchiladas, but I have eaten the veggies and drank the juice.

With one week to go I am very actively trying to decide what I will continue doing and what I will change. Right now I believe I will continue on the vegan and juicing path. Too many radical health benefits to ignore. I do feel like I want to limit processed foods and possibly find some vegan cheese product, but I need to research soy. No mater what i decide I know now that I need to be cognizant of every mouthful of food and not eat casually any more.

I have missed a few days and will try to recall the meals and come back in and fill that in. I don't think there have been too many new things.

The Dr's office did call with my lab results. Everything was good except my ALT reading which they said was slightly elevated at 42. They want to check it again in a few months. Hopefully all will be good at that time.

I also have to get an insurance physical and at 50 y/o we know what that means.

So tomorrow begins week LAST. I can have a cheeseburger when this is over but I don't think I want one anymore ;)

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