Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 30!!!!!!

Today is day 30.

Concerning the dietary challenge I succeeded. The other two parts, not so much

Why did I do this?...

I was tired of feeling SICK...and FAT...and like I was killing myself slowly (or not so slowly) I had been to the Dr a couple of times for chest pains. I was taking ibuprofen on a daily basis for body pain. I had been told I was borderline diabetic and had been taking blood pressure meds for a few years. I was swollen and slow and couldn't do anything.

What did I do?...

I challenged myself to 30 days of a mostly plant-based diet.

I eliminated; dairy, white foods, processed foods and animal flesh foods ;)

That left veggies, fruits, nuts, legumes and eggs.
We began juicing during the challenge too.

For 30 days that is what I have eaten. It was insanely hard at time, once I even had to go to the Dr because I totally lost my appetite and no longer wanted to eat. But I got through it.

So... Today is day 30.

Was it worth it?...

My blood pressure is completely normal.
The swelling and water retention I was experiencing is gone.
Aches and pains gone.
IBS gone!!!
My weight is 25 (Yes twenty-five!!!!) pounds less.
My diabetic #s look normal (have to still have a full workup)
DH joined me after the first week and BOTH of us saw an increase in libido ...sweet ;)

I am totally sold on a plant-based diet way of life. I miss some foods, but think it might be a special kind of stupid to choose to go back and sell my health for a snack.

Now what?....

Another 30 day challenge!...stay tuned ;)

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